X-13 AND X-13T

VizShock Professionals are essential companions to law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS, and military personnel.  VizShock Professionals enable you to take control of an encounter with the following features:


•  High-Intensity White Beam

•  High-Intensity Multi0Frequency Red & Blue Pulse Beam

•  Military-Spec Type III Anodized Aluminum Finish (X-13 & X-13T)

•  IP65 Rated

•. TIR Optic

•. Rail Mount and Tail Switch (X-13T)

•  Baton Extension Tube (X-114)

•  Ergonomic Design


The multi-frequency red and blue pulse allows VizShock to disrupt a suspect if the suspect’s posture changes in an unexpected manner.  Switching from covering the suspect with the standard high-intensity white beam to the multi-frequency red and blue strobe triggers an aversion response, giving the bearer crucial time to assess a situation, better react and strengthen control of the encounter.


The TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optics redirects the total light output, providing a greater throw and higher candela even at lower light output.  This allows for a smaller head design and lower operating temperatures.  The TIR optic collimates the light output from each LED without the need for a reflector.  For the X-114, clusters of TIR optics assemble a uniformed beam from the high number of LEDs