VizShock Personals are an everyday carry for anyone living in the city.  Each VizShock Personal includes the following features, making it an ideal self-defense device:


•  High-Intensity White Beam

•  High-Intensity Multi0Frequency Red & Blue Pulse Beam

•  Emergency Siren (X20S & X20P)

•  Portable Power Bank (X-20P)

•  Ergonomic Design


Its multi-frequency red and blue pulse allows you to pause and deter your assailant.  It provides you with time to assess a situation and to better react while attracting needed attention.  The emergency siren further enhances this effect.  On the X-20P, the siren is activated together with the pulse beam while on the X-20S, it can be activated by pulling on a pin which itself can be clipped onto a wrist-strap, phone-strap, purse or bag.